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Hi! I’m Shawn Marshall– Lead Coach and Owner of Flow Motion Fitness. We’re a veteran-owned group personal training boutique based out of San Diego. We work with clients locally and remotely to achieve their fitness and health goals but we’re not “just another trainer.” We’re not just about the workout or the numbers. We’re about YOU. Your goals, your desires, your happiness, your accomplishments. We’re here to be your friends in fitness.

Let me tell you a little about me. When I first entered the fitness world, it wasn’t as a fitness model or toned and buff gym rat. While my youth was spent playing sports and loving being outdoors, as a young adult I suddenly found myself in a sedentary lifestyle…and then found myself toting around 50 lbs of extra weight. On my own weight loss journey before joining the Navy, I was lucky enough to meet a personal trainer who really listened to me and cared about where I was coming from and where I wanted to get to. They listened to any physical limitations I was having, worked with me to address the parts of my lifestyle that would make change the hardest, and taught me about my health and body in a way that totally changed my view of working out and weight loss. They showed me how much I could really accomplish beyond even just my initial weight loss goal by really taking a personalized approach. This was the beginning of my great passion for personal training and the awesome impact it can have on someone’s life.

Since then, I’ve dedicated my work to paying it forward and helping people achieve their health and fitness goals and improve their lives in more ways than one. At Flow Motion Fitness, myself and our whole team here understand that taking on fitness, weight loss, and nutrition goals can be overwhelming. Making changes and setting goals can seem really intimidating on our own. We believe in being your friend on this journey from beginning to end. We’re all about supporting you the entire time you’re working towards your goal- our programs offer not only totally personalized strategy plans, goal setting sessions, fresh air, exercise, and nutrition plans but also communication and support from your coach along the way. We’re a team of experts in exercise and nutrition who are just as invested as you are in seeing you achieve your goals! We truly care about you, your health and goals and can’t wait to help you crush them.

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We start by getting to know a little more about you and what you’re looking for, to make sure our programs are a great fit for you. Get started with your Free Goal Setting Call so you can get to know your coach and they can create a personalized plan to achieve your goals

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Learning about nutrition is a gift that you’ll use your whole life. Learn the science
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Ever just need to text a friend for a little extra support in your day? That’s us! Getting through temptations or celebrating the victories, we’re here for you!



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