Welcome to Flow Motion Health and Fitness online. I’m Shawn. I’m a full time personal trainer and health coach, and owner of an outdoor based health and fitness company in San Diego. I focus primarily on Group Personal Training, which I also call a boot camp. Additionally, I’ve created a weight-loss system that my local clients are using to get results. This website is my way of sharing my weight loss coaching with people like you – people who want to lose weight, but who don’t live in San Diego, and can’t physically come to my bootcamp and workout with me. I understand that you have unique challenges when it comes to improving your health and fitness, which I’ve addressed in the creation of my unique system.

Having fun at bootcamp on the beac Through my health and fitness site you will be able to customize the tools provided here based on your goals and unique weight-loss obstacles. What’s unique about me, as any of my clients would agree, is that I listen. I’m passionate about getting my clients what they came to me for: results. The tools I’ve integrated into this health and fitness site reflect that, and will help you to identify the barriers that have kept you from achieving weight loss so that we can address and move past them.

Shawn Marshall: Basketball Junkie

Hi, I’m Shawn Marshall. As far as I can remember, way before I was a Personal Trainer, I’ve had a ton of energy. I’ve always loved to be outside, moving my body and pushing my limits. As a kid, if I wasn’t playing basketball, you’d find me cutting through water on a slalom water-ski course, or catching some big air on a wakeboard.

Fast Food Fast Track

Somewhere between basketball and water sports, I took up a hobby in cars. Go figure. It didn’t take long before my new hobby of customizing cars drew me away from sports. To make matters worse, I started a job at a fast food restaurant. Working at a fast food restaurant with my buddies, we stuffed our faces with burgers, curly fries and soda all shift. I became Shawn Marshall the human food compactor. In high school, I worked thirty plus hours a week, which drew me away from sports, and turned me into an out of shape fatty!

A couple years of that and I found myself toting around 50lbs of extra fat. I was chunky and out of shape. I could have used a Personal Trainer! The call that changed my life came from a Navy recruiter. Joining the Navy sounded exciting, plus it offered a ticket out of my small town.

Shawn Marshall: The Road to Bootcamp

Before I reported for Navy bootcamp, I had to get a few things in order. The problem was, I was having knee issues. I saw a few doctors and physical therapists, but became frustrated with their diagnosis of the issue. Eventually, my mom took me to a specialist at my uncle’s health club, the Flagstaff Athletic Club.

One session with my uncle’s specialist turned out to be life-changing! He listened to my problem and actually cared. Through a series of tests, he observed closely how my body responded. He then customized a set of exercises to help me readjust my alignment to relieve my knee pain. He didn’t advocate surgery or medication to fix or cover up my pain, instead he sought a solution that strengthened certain muscles and stretched others in order to correct the problem — naturally. It opened my eyes to a new way of thinking about the body. As I’ve learned more about the body, my desire to pay that experience forward has grown. My dream to be a Personal Trainer was realized that weekend.

Shawn Marshall: Getting Back in Shape

A few months later, I left small town New Mexico bound for Navy Boot Camp. Boot camp was a challenge for me. I was so far out of shape that I struggled daily to keep up, my unit and instructors pushed me to my limits. When I graduated boot camp nine weeks later, I walked out of there 20 lbs lighter.

After boot camp, I chose the USS Anchorage, an amphibious naval warship based in San Diego, as my permanent command. I spent the next four years on that old grey warship.

There isn’t much to do on a ship steaming across the ocean. I spent my extra time in the weight room, getting “ripped.” It was every guy’s mission while on deployment to get as huge and muscular as possible. I achieved the goal but it didn’t take long before I started to wonder if there was more to fitness than lifting heavy weights and gaining a ton of muscle.

Personal Trainer in the making: I spent nights on the internet studying fitness and health. Then, as soon as my contract in the Navy was up, I took my discharge papers and ran. Ten days later I enrolled full time into a kinesiology program here in San Diego. Click here to read the technique I used to turn my dream to become a personal trainer into a reality.

Shawn Marshall: Personal Trainer

As a sophomore, I took and passed the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) personal trainer program. As a junior and senior, I worked as a full-time personal trainer. I was on fire! Within three months at my first job, I tripled the gym’s personal training revenue. Not because I was a good salesman, but because I was passionate about health and fitness.

Shawn Marshall: Entrepreneur

I was born an entrepreneur — I made and sold different creative things to my buds in elementary school, shoveled snow, mowed yards and delivered news papers … all before high school.


fter college, I began working for myself out of my condo. I trained clients in my garage, went to their homes and met them in parks. Flow Motion Fitness was just being born. My clients were getting great results, and I wanted to share my expertise on a larger scale. Millions of people need a personal trainer and it’s my mission to find a way to serve them.

So. . . I transitioned to a group personal trainer. I’ve built a system designed to deliver the same personal touch to more people. This afforded me the potential to help hundreds of people a week improve their health and fitness. If you live in San Diego, you’re in luck. You can attend my San Diego boot camp in person and benefit from my personal system. I’ve implemented the system through my San Diego Boot Camp locations. Learn more about a Flow Motion Fitness boot camp.

If you don’t live in San Diego, don’t sweat it. This website is designed with you in mind — click here for a summary of what you’ll find in this website. It gives me a platform to share the same information with people just like you all over the world. Now I provide the same tools that I use for my clients every day to you here on my website.

You — Get Your Fitness Mojo Back!

This is the start of something huge for you. I invite you to stick with me, follow my easy system, do your homework, and you too will join the ranks of successful people who got their fitness mojo back! So check back often, use my tools that work best for you, and share it with everyone you know.

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