Hi Friend, quick note about Tuesday’s Immunity workshop.

This workshop is all about — Bulletproofing your immune system.

A lot of people have been sick this year and in my humble opinion, it’s unacceptable and it’s 99% avoidable!

YES, avoidable!

The flu strain is stronger than ever? So what!

You’re around sick kids all day? So what!

Your spouse brought home a cold? So what!

Your co-worker sneezed up a storm? So what!

Here’s the brutal reality — They didn’t get you sick — Your immune system didn’t do its job.


But here’s the thing…

The 1st step to having a bulletproof immune system is this — Taking responsibility.

It’s easier to blame others, but it’s hard to stop and say….

“I haven’t been managing my stress.”

“I haven’t been drinking enough water.”

“I haven’t been sleeping much.”

“I’ve been working like a dog.”

“I’ve been eating bad foods.”

And more!

Look, I know life is a lot to balance. 100%!

You are a busy and productive person at home, work, in your community, and have a booming social life.

But I also know this — Everything I listed above affects your immune system and when you get sick, guess what?? Life gets even harder.

You miss out on life!

That’s why I say that being s**k (if you know me for any length of time, you know that I can’t even stand to say that S word…I’ll explain why at Tuesday’s workshop) is unnacceptable.

Nobody has the time to miss out on work, travel, kids events or social events.

So, come learn how you can bulletproof your immune system on Tuesday. This workshop will be for 2 types of people:

A- You’ve been sick more than 1x in the past year — Unacceptable (even 1x is unacceptable) and you’ll learn how to make your immune system stronger.

B- You haven’t been sick in the past year — GREAT! You’ll learn our secret sauce for STAYING healthy when sh*t hits the fan — Like right now — Everyone around me has the flu — I ramped my ‘staying healthy’ regimen up because I’m not accepting viruses at the moment. Alyssa and I will show you exactly what we do when that first little throat tickle appears so that it doesn’t take over and put us out.

Workshop deets:

-Tuesday 6:30 – 7:30p.

-My house — There’s plenty of street parking.

Please RSVP by 10p Monday by either replying to this, texting either of us, or on FB.

-You are free to bring a guest. Please give us heads up first as we have limited seating.

Thanks gang!! Enjoy your day.


Shawn Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer

Choice Center Leadership University – Coaching Staff
Flow Motion Fitness

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