Boot camp exercises transfer to useful body movement in your daily life. When I coach you on how to do a proper squat, it will become so engrained that you will automatically move the same way in life. I envision, for example, the multitasking mom talking on her phone, carrying groceries into the house in one arm, and her kid in the other arm. Through my coaching, she can set her kid down safely, without hurting him, spilling the groceries, or throwing out her back .. .. .. all automatically.

I picture the executive dad who works a 50+ hour week. He comes home exhausted at night with only enough energy to sit on the couch, where he ends his day. After working out with me, he will have stamina. He’ll have the energy to play with his kids after work, and enjoy time with his wife after the children go to bed.

Our bodies were made to work . . . a healthy, functional body will allow you to put in a full day, happily. Boot camp exercises will give you the stamina and endurance to perform better in day to day activities. I call this functional training. Functional training increases your heart’s ability to perform, and improves your endurance. At the end of the day, this results in more energy. Investing a few hours per week by attending my boot camps will yield a higher quality of life.

Mixed fitness-levels in the same class, but how?

Maybe you are nervous because you are a bit out of shape. You may wonder if you’ll be able to keep up with the high intensity level of my boot camp exercises. Relax, I’ve designed a system that allows beginners to participate with intermediate and advanced clients, and still get a great workout that’s appropriate for each individual. How is this possible? This is possible through my “Relationshipwith your body” approach.

Each class is about you and today. I help you assess your current health & fitness level and think about how much and how fast you want to change. As your coach, I’ll help you set goals that you can reach and keep. You won’t have time to worry about the person next to you in class, because you’ll have a clear vision of what you need to do.

Group Energy Gives You A Boost

One of the benefits of being in a group is the energy! Everyone is working and sweating together, you’ll want to try harder and reach higher because of the people doing boot camp exercises with you. I give you the tools to measure your intensity level as you go. You’ll know your current fitness level. I’m there (along with our team of like minded exercisers) to push you beyond what you could do on your own. We do it safely because I show you how to read your body. When your shoulder or knee says so, you’ll take a break. On the other hand, if it’s your mind that says “I can’t do this today!” don’t listen. As a general rule, your body, not your mind, knows what is best. Ready to try boot camp exercises? Click here to see the schedule

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