One of the coolest boot camp workout lessons I’ve seen this year comes from a trio of good friends. I met the first of these three women in February. She wanted to melt away sixty pounds. I could see the determination in her eye. Over the previous ten years she gained just a few pounds each year, but it added up. She was ready to start a new health and fitness program and begin her weight loss journey. She attended her first boot camp workout the following week and hasn’t looked back.

Five months later, this woman is over thirty pounds lighter! A number of factors contributed to her weight loss success. I’ll focus on just one today: Her accountability partners

You see, this woman has a circle of close friends and immediately after her first boot camp workout, she started inviting them to attend too. Three of her friends committed to a new health and fitness program with me, and all three have successfully lost weight.
These three women are serious about boot camp workouts. On the rare occasion when one doesn’t show up the others call her out on it. You can use this same principle to get more out of your health and fitness program. Read the six points below to learn to how to find an accountability partner.

How to Pick an accountability partner in Six Steps

  1. First off, be clear on your own weight loss goals and what you want out of an accountability partner.
  2. Next, invite everyone you know to exercise with you. Secretly, this will be like an interviewing process. It will be easy to see which friends are ready to join you on this weight loss journey and which ones aren’t. Don’t take it personally if a good friend isn’t ready. It has nothing to do with you.
  3. Pick an accountability partner whom you know is committed to weight loss. Establish trust and an open relationship. Don’t allow one another slack off.
  4. Share your goals with your partner and have her write goals too.
  5. Plan a health and fitness program that works for you both. (Also read #1 rule: stick with it.)
  6. Now that you have DREAMED, PLANNED, and EXECUTED, be prepared to celebrate as your body begins to change.


What if you can’t find a partner who’s ready to start a health and fitness program and lose weight with you? If you are in San Diego, join me for a boot camp workout and start making new friends. Click here to for my schedule. I have a growing community of like-minded people who have already begun their journey. They are cool, fun, and welcoming so you are sure to make new friends.

If you’re not in San Diego, take this same formula, find a stellar trainer near you and start your boot camp workouts locally with the mindset of meeting new people and I promise you will.

If you aren’t sure how to find a qualified trainer, just ask me. I have a network of some of the best trainers and gym owners around the country that I could introduce you to.

Now that you’re armed with another tool to assist in your weight loss, you are one step closer to achieving your goals!

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