Hi Friend,

One thing I hear daily is “Shawn, I just don’t have time.”

No time to workout.

No time to meal prep.

I never get enough sleep.


Can you relate?

You’d think that time is running out! Well, I guess it is but that’s another talk ?

Here’s something I heard a few days ago on a podcast – The average person spends 16% of their day in front of a TV.

If you did the math on sleeping 7 hours per night, that comes out to almost 3 hours per day watching TV!

That said, I checked the website Statista and they say that the average American spends 4.89 hours per day in front of the TV.

Between those two estimates, that’s somewhere between 2.5 – 5 hours per day in front of the TV.

Now get this, that’s only TV (including the various streaming services).

Then you have social media and email.

A Grant Cardone podcast said that we check our email 50 times PER HOUR!

Statista says that we are on social media for 2 hours per day.

I’m assuming that includes all of the 2-3 minute distracted “squirrel” moments throughout the day.

Then there’s other stuff like…

Hitting the snooze button…

Getting ready for the day…

Having meaningless conversations about the things we DON’T like (politics we don’t agree on, sports figures we are mad at, singers who wore an outrageous outfit, work gossip, etc.).

By the time you add that up, it’s scary, to say the least. My guess is that that we spend more than 8 hours per day being unproductive.

Yet, most people get to the end of the day and feel like they went through a tornado. Exhausted!

No doubt everyone is busy but how much of that time is productive/focused time?

It’s interesting to think about. What if a good chunk of that time is, in fact, unproductive time?

I know one thing for sure: I’ve never heard of a person who, on their death bed, wished they had spent more of their life watching TV.

Have you?

Now I’m not suggesting you go cold turkey on TV. (Shawn fact: I stopped watching TV 12 years ago. I now watch about 90 minutes per WEEK between 1 show and sports recaps on YouTube).

But I’m suggesting that if you feel like you never have enough time, it would be worth your while to look at where you are SPENDING IT.

Time is a currency.

You can spend it however you choose.

If you choose to spend it on the couch, hey that’s fine.

But if that’s your choice, you can’t really say you don’t have enough time to workout or eat better.

Think about the people who have accomplished great things. Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Elon Musk and others.

They have the same 24 hours in a day that we do. But they have become experts at time investment.

They spend their time in such a focused way that, when we look at their accomplishments, it almost makes our heads spin.

They run circles around the rest of us in terms of productivity.

If you are still convinced that you don’t have enough time, there’s only one way that you can legitimately make that argument.

Track your time.

Account for 24 hours of your day for one week straight.

Have you ever tried it?

I have.

I tracked every minute of my day for a week straight and to be honest I was shocked.

Let’s just say I broke up with that whole “not enough time” thing after that.

So, check in with yourself. Limited time is one of the biggest reasons people don’t do things they want.

If that resonates with you, track your wasted time vs productive time and I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how much time you actually do have.

Then, do a little re-organizing with how you invest your time.

If weight loss, more energy, and better health are goals you have, I bet you can find the time.

In my opinion, you can start with 3-30 minute workouts per week and meal prep can be

less than 30 minutes per day.

That’s an hour or less per day to lose fat, gain energy, improve your health, feel more confident naked, and so on.

I’d say it’s worth the trade-off.

Time is finite. You can’t get more, but you have total control over how you invest it.

Thanks for reading Friend. What do you think?

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Shawn Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer

Choice Center Leadership University – Coaching Staff
Flow Motion Fitness

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