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Exactly 2 months ago we launched our 4th Annual Fall TEAM Fat Loss Challenge. We will be wrapping up the Challenge this Friday, and giving away the Hawaii trips on Saturday to the winning TEAM. I’m pretty stoked about that. While it was never about winning a trip to Hawaii, it’s a great added bonus to those who transformed their health.

One by one on last night’s mastermind call the group shared what worked for them. On Average, those who shared last night lost about 12 pounds during the 8 weeks. Three or four of them lost 15 pounds, and David lost 23 pounds!

I asked their permission to share their secrets because I know it can help you do the same. Sometimes it’s good to hear from others who are on the same journey you are, so here you go.

So the question I asked was this:

Question: You set a long term and an 8 week goal when we started this Challenge, 8 weeks ago. Now that the 8 weeks is over, what has been your biggest learning / realization on this journey?


-“Biggest learning was when I realized it was NOT an 8 week thing! I was counting it down, thinking “When this is done, I’m going to eat….” Then a light bulb went off a few weeks ago, my mindset changed, and I realized this is a lifestyle thing. It all started to click after that. It got easy, and the cravings went down.” – Kyra

– “Top 2 things- Portion control & Boot Camp. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but I proved to myself that I can. I wasn’t a morning person either, but now I am. Also, having the support of the TEAM really helped, and once I started to feel good from the changes, I wanted more of it and signed up to continue for 12 months.” -Bryndan

– “I didn’t let my inflammation keep me down, getting moving was a big win for me.” -Mike

– “The biggest learning for me was controlling my portions, and also realizing that every day matters. When we (my wife and I) slip one day on our nutrition, it makes an impact. Holiday or whatever it is we have to do this every day.” -Raj & Radhika

– “I did really well until the ½ way point weigh-in and then took my foot off the pedal, I thought I could coast the rest of the way. But the TEAM got me back on track. Then I realized, it’s about ME getting healthy, not them. Learning PORTION CONTROL, reading food labels at the grocery store, and being REALLY conscious about my choices when I eat out. No dressing. Avoiding sauce. Cut the rice, and having two Shaklee shakes each day were the keys to my success. I lost 15 pounds since we started, and got my A1c levels from dangerously high back down to a healthy level (7) for the first time in 30 years.” -Suzanne

– “Fitness and nutrition together. I was able to change my relationship with food, where it used to be love / hate, and now I have developed a new respect for food. I was able to cut down from 8 cups of coffee per day to 1 cup. I cut my rice consumption down and replaced it with quinoa, sweet potato, and greens. Having a TEAM kept me accountable, I couldn’t done it without them.” – Dr. Gren

– “Keep moving. Portion control. I learned that I can do anything I set my mind to, I just need to focus. If you fall down, brush yourself off and go forward.” David, lost 23 pounds.

– “I realized that I always approached things with a “temporary” mindset. I learned how easy this is to do, and embraced a long term mentality.” – Dr. Lara

– “From the Challenge, I was able to create a healthy relationship with food. I’m actually looking forward to creating amazing, healthy food for Thanksgiving. I’m EXCITED about it!!!” –Angela

There you have it, I hope that helps out.

This was a phenomenal 8 week Challenge! We got so much work accomplished and everyone who participated really moved their fitness forward. I’m confident this was a game-changer for those who dove in.

They’ve all gone ahead and created winning game plans to keep their momentum up through the Holidays, aka in the fitness industry as the Fat Gain Season.

I really encourage you to take some time this weekend and create a game-plan to NOT gain weight over the holidays. It doesn’t have to happen, and with a little mindfulness you can enjoy your Holidays without wrecking your health.

If you are worried about gaining weight this Holiday season, you should join our Fit NOT Fat Challenge. Registration ends tomorrow. You’ll be speaking with us weekly and getting A LOT of 1 on 1 attention. All you have to do is follow the plan and you will be set up to transform your health over the holidays. Just respond if you want my help.

Enjoy your day!

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