All too often I see people waiting for the perfect moment to get back in shape. The perfect storm to start eating healthy. The perfect month, free of distractions, to reclaim their health.

It’ll never happen.

You’ve gotta stop waiting.

Getting back into shape seems like a massive mountain to climb. You have 30 pounds to go, you workout for a week and only lose 2 pounds. It seems impossible.

The goal is so daunting that you quit.

Throw in the towel. Make excuses. You’ll restart after your work project dies down and the kids wrap up their playoff games.

That’s a hamster wheel.

Here’s a simple little secret to help you get out of that rut – Go workout for one reason only, because it makes you feel good!

Doesn’t it?

You get blood flowing through your body, extra oxygen to your brain, you break a little sweat and hey guess what, you did something positive for yourself.

That feels crazy good!

Focus on that, making yourself feel good.

Forget about the 30 pounds for a sec. Forget that your pants are fitting snug. Focus on feeling good!

And in all honesty, it doesn’t take that much to feel good.

A simple 20-minute walk can do the trick.

You don’t have to be at the gym for an hour on a treadmill. Boring!

Fresh air, sunlight, and a simple walk go a long way.

The moment you start to think about how far away you are from your goal, switch your focus back to this one simple thing – feeling good.

What makes YOU feel good?

Go do that.

And then do it again.

This isn’t to say I’m throwing out the whole thing about ‘focus on your why’ or ‘goal setting.’

That’s still important.

But sometimes you just need a spark before you can have a flame.

Simple is good.

One step.

So make your ‘why’ to feel good. Just once.

Don’t resist it. Don’t stress about it. Forget about all the reasons you can’t for a sec. Just do one workout because you KNOW in your heart that you DESERVE to feel good.

What’s the ONE thing you know makes you feel good? And don’t say ice cream :p

Go do that.

Build on it.

When you wake up tomorrow, ask yourself the same question and go make yourself feel good again!

It’s quite counter-intuitive actually.

Because once you feel good, you do better on that work project. You can find joy in things that usually stress you out. You enjoy life instead of feeling like you are pushing against life.

Working out feels good.

Plain and simple.

Have a great day because you feel good.

Feel good because you did one positive thing for yourself today.

If you’re in a rut, switch things up. Lay your mat down in a different location. Partner with someone different. Reach out for Coaching. Talk to someone new at the workouts. Just. One. Thing. Different 🙂

Thanks for reading my friend!

Start feeling good today!


Shawn Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer

Choice Center Leadership University – Coaching Staff
Flow Motion Fitness

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