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I love this time of year for turning up the heat on my fitness program. I know that’s opposite of what most people do, but let me ask you this, have you ever gained weight during the Holidays or even simply lost momentum on your fitness plan during the Holidays?
I have!
The Holidays are great, but the aftermath of overeating SUCKS. But, you don’t have to have one or the other.
I learned a few years ago how much of a waste it is to throw all mindfulness out the window during the Holidays. Waking up January 1st and realizing that you’ve gained 10 pounds, or, just lost all of your fitness momentum from the previous year, man, that sucks!
So, with my good friend and newest addition to the FMF Family, Alyssa, we learned how to not only “get through” the holidays, but actually IMPROVE our fitness during the holidays. It sounds crazy, but it’s become a yearly thing now and I look forward to bumping it up at this time each year.
In fact, I’m 3 weeks into my progressive training plan that will taper off right around New Years. I’ll be in the best shape of my life come January 1st. I’ll then train lightly for about a week to allow my body to recover and the results to settle in, and then bump it up again the 2nd week of 2016.
If you want to tap into a plan like this, reach out and let me know. We haven’t offered the Fit NOT Fat program since 2012. Instead, Alyssa and I have gone to work to perfect the plan for ourselves. We have it down and are EXCITED to share it with anyone who wants to learn.
The 5 week Fit NOT Fat Challenge kicks off the week after Thanksgiving, but, registration ends the week before. You would be a good fit for this Challenge if:

  • You have gained weight during previous Holidays.
  • You DON’T want to go through that again. In fact, you may even be worried about Holiday weight gain.
  • You are ready to follow a plan that works.
If that’s you, reach out to myself or Coach Alyssa now and get registered.
It doesn’t matter if you live in San Diego or someplace else, we have taken our Challenges virtual so that you can access us daily to help you stay on track!
You can learn more here, but don’t over think it. You either don’t care to bump it up during the holidays, which is totally fine, or you want to make a change. If you want to make a change, let’s do it together.
I’ll be sharing lots of stuff, including the Holiday Survival Guide, over the next 7 weeks so stay tuned.
Enjoy your Thursday!

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