Happy Tuesday Friend!

I’m so excited to share this with you!

The holidays are HERE, and as fun and exciting as that is, it’s also a little scary when you consider this…

Many Americans gain more weight between Thanksgiving and Christmas than they do between Christmas and Thanksgiving. In fact, I’ve heard stories of people gaining as much as 15 pounds in those 4 weeks.

And in my experience working with San Diegans the last 9 years, as healthy of a city as we are, this is no exaggeration. I see it every year.

I believe it’s possible to turn the tides on this weight gain, stressful season, and the regret that comes with it [don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays, I just don’t like gaining weight].

In 2013 I used the holidays to get in literally the best shape of my life, and have since put together a guide designed to help you LOSE weight and enjoy this season to its fullest, just like I did/and do.

It’s called the Holiday Survival Guide, and it’s completely free as a thank-you for following my blog! Alyssa and I just finished the workout videos over the weekend and it’s all ready to go.

Inside, you will discover:

==> 4 Customizable Workouts You Can Do Anywhere To Burn Fat In Less Than 20 Minutes

==> Videos Showing Proper Form And Coaching Cues To Maximize Your Efforts

==> Easy-To-Follow Nutrition Tips To Help You Burn Fat While Enjoying Holiday Parties And Travel

==> 14 Gluten-Free Secret Fat-Burning Recipes That Will Wow Your Friends And Family At Get-Togethers

==> Delicious Alternatives To High Sugar Holiday Dishes

==> 8 Ways To Reduce Your Stress During The Holidays

And all this for free!

I want to make sure everyone in San Diego can have a happy, healthy, and stress-free holiday season without regrets. Even bigger, I want to break the MYTH that the holidays are synonymous with fat gain.

I got in the BEST shape of my life during the holidays in 2013 and as a result I turn my fitness up every holiday season and I want to share my secrets with you.

So, download your FREE copy of the Holiday Survival Guide now!

Shawn Marshall

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