shawn-marshall-07What do those four little words mean to me about goal setting? This is the Shawn Marshall blueprint to achieve your dreams. First youDREAM about what you want. Allow yourself to dream without limits, without telling yourself why you “can’t.” Get that negative talk out of your brain . . . Bring your dream to life . . . see it . . . smell it . . . and feel it in every cell of your body.

Form a mental picture of yourself AS IF you have already achieved your dream.

shawn-marshall-02Once your vision is clear, PLAN your attack. Use my Workout Planner to plug workouts into your weekly plan and to help you focus on goal setting. Plan meals . . . shopping trips for fresh food . . . plan lunches and snacks for on the go.

Once your plan is set, all you have left is toEXECUTE! Just do it and trust that every step you take counts . . . Your progress will add up, I promise.

The final step is to CELEBRATE your success, and do this often. Celebrate the big and the small. Post it on Facebook. Journal about it. Post pictures of your new workout shoes. Buy a new wardrobe as your pants start to hang off your butt. Throw a party, invite all your friends to share in your success. Who knows, maybe you’ll inspire someone you love to follow in your steps.

After you celebrate, repeat: DREAM. PLAN. EXECUTE your next goal setting session.CELEBRATE your next big accomplishment!

I’ve used this system to achieve my dreams. When I first got out of the Navy, I had a dream to help people like you achieve their fitness goals. Back then it was just a dream, but I dreamed about it without limits. I imagined myself AS IF I was a personal trainer. I envisioned inspiring others. Then I made a plan, and have been executing it ever since. The last few years, I’ve celebrated because my dream has come to life. Click here to read how I became a personal trainer.

Are you ready to make your dream come to life?

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