Hey Friend,

Getting into shape…

Taking your fitness to the NEXT level…

Staying consistent once you have fitness momentum…

Falling off the wagon…

Losing weight…

Gaining weight…

It’s all a part of the fitness journey and guess what … It’s a wild journey, isn’t it?

Here’s a cycle I see people get stuck in when they start (and restart) their fitness journey … I see this cycle OFTEN, let’s say weekly: Let me do this in bullet points:

– They Start a new fitness program/nutrition program – Mood- EXCITED!!
– They have a goal – Something like losing 10-20 pounds, feeling better, having more energy.
– They start strong. Healthy food in the fridge and they begin working out consistently.
– Then obstacle #1 happens — (pet dies, a family member under duress, work project is CRAZY, vacation, friends/family come to town, etc)
– They get off track and justify it. They end up back where they started until their motivation returns.
– Repeat.

I see those 5 steps repeated over and over.

It breaks my heart when I see people quit at the first obstacle. I don’t mean to be insensitive. My dog died last year and it was difficult, I got Athena when she was 8 weeks and she lived for 15 years. I didn’t feel like working out for a couple of days but I did anyway because it helped me feel better (which was counter-intuitive in the moment when all I wanted to do was cry).
It took a while to wrap my brain around her dying, but every time I worked out it gave me some much needed good feelings. I was able to use working out as a tool to heal, rather than using her dying as a reason to stop working out.

See the difference?

If I could get 1 message across it’s this –> “Obstacle #1” in the cycle above is … GOING TO COME.

I guarantee it.

Life happens.

Look, you can’t expect to get dealt a perfect deck of cards, in life that is.

And if that’s what you are waiting for to get back in shape, you will keep waiting.

Your kids are going to get sick, your parents are going to need your help, someone is coming to town that you want to spend time with, work is crazy, your dog needs you, a holiday is right around the corner, it’s your birthday soon, it’s national hot dog day and your pinky toe is going to get bruised, etc.

That’s all coming. I promise.

So if I could help you in one way, I’d say prepare for it. Expect it. You WILL get obstacles.

If you think they won’t come, you will be thrown off track the HARDEST and you’ll come up with the best excuse possible.

The key is –> Expect obstacles

 I’d take it one step farther and say “Invite obstacles.” Try this mantra –> BRING IT!

Then you’ll be ready. You’ll say “I knew something would happen, but it’s not stopping me!”

Overcoming the obstacle will be more of a “challenge” that you are excited about rather than a quick defeat.

If you think obstacles won’t come, you’ll end up right back where you started … this part may sting a little … with a “story” about why you quit.

I like to say this, you can either have stories or you can have results.

Which one do you want?

If you expect to have a perfect hand dealt to you, you will end up with a story.

But if you expect that SOMETHING will try to get in your way, you’ll be ready to overcome it when it shows up.

Make sense?

Get ready .. get ready .. get ready for something to get in your way. Bet on it. When it does, you’ll have the agility needed to overcome it!

One of my favorite places to position myself is when a client hits an obstacle. I like to be RIGHT THERE when they get stuck.

As your Coach I want you to know something — When you are open to being Coached, Alyssa and I can help you navigate ANY obstacle! I don’t care what it is. That’s the brilliance of having a Coach, we see over the trees and are ready to help you see the same, especially when you get stuck in the dense forest with little to know visibility. A Coach is ready to take you to the finish line. But you have to be ready to put one foot in front of the other.

The death seal is to hide out and try to do it on your own. That rarely works. The moment you have an obstacle and you start to think “I know what to do, I can do it on my own” is the moment you should reach out for Coaching :).

Thanks for reading and trusting us with your fitness Friend. Let me know how I can help.



Shawn Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer

Choice Center Leadership University – Coaching Staff
Flow Motion Fitness

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