11 or 12 years ago I went to a James Arthur Ray seminar.

He was promoting a book called Harmonic Wealth.

Something he said that night has stuck in my head:

Balance is Bogus.

It hurt my brain to hear that.

I was striving for balance.

It seems like everyone is striving for balance.

I’ve become a believer of Ray’s idea that balance is bogus.

Balance is the wrong target. Balance is a mirage. It doesn’t exist.

I’m quoting James Ray here:

“Balance is the collective objective for the cult of mediocrity.”


“No one is perfectly balanced. It’s impossible. In perfect balance nothing happens because perfect balance is static. Life and energy are dynamic.

Science proves that all things in this universe are comprised of energy. Energy is dynamic and must flow. It never is static and never sits still.”

He goes on to describe a symphony. In a symphony, you don’t have every musician playing at the same time, at the same speed, tempo, and rhythm, right?

That would be awful on the ears.

In a symphony, the drums and bass take the spotlight while the strings are playing in the background.

Then the horns have the spotlight and the drums fall to the background.

But the background music is still playing beautifully. It doesn’t fall apart.

Look, I’m no composer, but you get it right?

Life works the same way.

Eckhart Tolle also talks about this in his bestseller The Power of Now.

Think about it, when the horns have the spotlight in a beautiful symphony, the drums and strings are still playing a beautiful sound in the background right?

They aren’t playing as loudly as the horns, but they are still performing.

They key is that they are still playing beautiful music.

Life can work in the same way, if we choose it.

So how am I relating this to your health?

Well, what I see people do way too often is they give all of their attention to one or two things and drop the ball on everything else.

Some people are constantly fighting fires, the same fires even, and dropping the ball on their health (and everything else) as a result.

Work gets busy and your diet goes to crap.

Nothing like a symphony, right?

Because if you treated it like a symphony, you’d be able to do well on your work project, and still eat a healthy diet.

Think about it like this: Your primary goal (in that example) became work. So, work is important to you, right?

Of course it is.

Since work is so important, don’t you want to give yourself every advantage possible to make sure you do a good job at work?

Of course you do!

Wouldn’t energy, clarity of mind, and confidence help you perform better at work?

Of course it would.

Then why eat like crap because “work is busy???”

That’s like trying to drive uphill and taking your foot off the gas. Your forward momentum will slow, right?

Well, same goes for eating bad food when works gets busy.

It doesn’t matter if you are “busy.”

The bad food is going to slow you down, scramble your ability to think as clearly, and drain your energy.

Harmony on the other hand would be you figuring out a way to dominate your work project by putting clean food into your system.

The clean food doesn’t have to be your primary focus, meaning you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, but putting together a healthy meal doesn’t take longer than putting together a bad meal.

You see? Eating healthy isn’t your primary focus, but it’s “handled” and therefore, in the background, supporting the “symphony” of your life — Your work project, your family, your kids, your social life, your spiritual practice, your community involvement, etc.

You see the difference?

Striving for balance sounds absolutely boring, and, it’s not possible.

Treat your fitness and nutrition like a part of your life’s symphony.

Your life can be the most beautiful symphony.

If you dig it, here’s a little cheat sheet to help you create a harmonious life:

Make a list of all of the domains in your life that are important to you. Domains would be: Work, family, spiritual practice, finances, social life, health, etc.

Next, rate each one on a scale of 1-10.

1 if it’s absolutely non-existent and in the “tomorrow” box.

10 if it’s thriving. And by thriving, you have it mastered so well that you could teach it to someone else.

Next, any domain that’s not a 10, define what a 10 would look like.

Once you’ve defined it, start taking steps to bring that domain up to a 10…

Remember this: Each domain affects the other. Nothing is in a separate box, they are intertwined.

Each domain is a piece of your life’s symphony.

Each domain won’t have the spotlight at all times, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be working and playing beautiful music in the background of your life.

If your fitness domain isn’t a 10 and you’d like my help, fill out the ‘Fitness Scorecard‘ and see how well you are doing.

I’d be happy to hop on a call to go over your Fitness Scorecard results and help you create a strategy to make sure your fitness is supporting your life’s symphony by playing beautiful music.

Enjoy your day my friend,

Shawn Marshall

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