Navy Boot Camp Helped Me — I Will Help You

Fat to fit through Navy Boot Camp: I hear you asking, “What do you know about losing fat, you’re fit!” Well it would be nice to say I was given the gift of fitness, but that’s not the case. Boot camp changed that. I was given the ability to get fit, we all were. I understand your struggle. I was once where you are now. I gained fifty pounds right after high school and went from an athletic kid to an overweight fatty!! I got so out of shape that I couldn’t run a mile without gasping for air, and couldn’t do 10 pushups. It seems like a different life, but it’s the truth.

With the help of a trainer at my uncle’s health club, I turned it all around. He listened and inspired me to make changes for myself. On top of that, I joined the Navy six months later, and my Navy boot camp drill instructors gave me the workouts of my life. They pushed me beyond where I could have gone on my own; they gave me the tools to get back in shape, and then they kicked my butt in Navy boot camp for nine weeks making sure that I used those tools and completed the training.

Twelve years later, I’m in the best shape of my life. Health and fitness is no longer a goal I’m working toward. Instead, it’s an enjoyable journey, a lifestyle I’ve created. I wake up each day happy because I have the energy and stamina to do what I want. I can teach a boot camp at 6am, work and play all day, teach another at 7pm, enjoy a night on the town afterwards, and wake up to do it again.

This drives me to continue eating right and exercising because of how much more I’m able to get out of life as a result. Soak that in and realize that I have not arrived at the destination, I’m still on the journey, just like you. I want to give you health and fitness for life. This simple shift in mentality will transform your life.

Think of goals as milestones only, and know that the road keeps going forever. I’ve learned that the journey of life is rich and enjoyable when I take care of the car (my body) that’s driving me. I’m able to extract more out of each day. I want to share the gift of stamina with you.

Keep reading to learn about the tools and life changing confidence that my uncle’s trainer and Navy boot camp gave me. I’ll stick with you to help you use and sharpen these tools until they become second nature. Who knows, maybe you’ll become the next trainer who inspires others like yourself!

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Navy Boot Camp Helped Me — I Will Help You

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