Weight Training System with Free Weights

Why Weight Training is Important

A good weight training system is a great way to build muscular strength and endurance. In addition, weight training can trigger the body’s bone building process to build bone. This is critical given that the body usually stops naturally producing bone when a person is between twenty five and thirty years old. By placing resistance on the bone by working out with free weights, the body’s natural response is to build the bones stronger preparing the body to efficiently handle the extra load.

Also, a weight training system can improve the body’s metabolism. Extra muscle takes fuel to maintain, which causes the body to burn extra calories. Having extra muscle — not necessarily bulk — is like having a built in calorie burning system. Weight training also improves everyday functionality by helping you to meet the demands of everyday life.

The Advantages of Free Weights

The two most common forms of weight training systems are free weights and machines. Free weights provide a superior workout to machines because they allow natural movement and invite stabilizing muscles to also work. That means that your workouts strengthen muscles that transfer to real life activities. With free weights, you can mimic everyday movements. We call this type of movement “functional” because it is a systematic coordination of muscle groups and brain activity. The amount of muscle fiber recruited is generally higher with free weights, as your stabilizing muscles must kick in to help the movement.

Weight machines, on the other hand move along a fixed track; they force you to have a fixed range of motion. When in life do you move according to a fixed track? Unless you are a subway car, never. So why workout on a fixed track when we never move that way in life?

Free weights offer greater versatility. One set of free weights can be used to work out your arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, chest or back. You might need five to seven machines to accomplish the same thing. This means that free weights are a more economical weight training system. In my boot camp classes, we often use large rocks as free weights. These are the cheapest kind of free weights because they are literally FREE!

The biggest “drawback” with free weights is that many people don’t have the expertise to know how to use them to exercise all their different muscles. They don’t know the exercises to effectively work out arms, shoulders, legs, stomach, chest or back. You won’t have that disadvantage, because I’m going to show you how to use your weights to get the workout you need.

The other disadvantage is that it is a little harder to get correct form with free weights. You have to focus on your form while using free weights to get the proper workout. If you don’t, it is easier to get an injury. Luckily, I show you here how to use the correct form. Once I teach you the correct form, you can do it properly. The nature of free weights — the fact that they are free and not locked into a machine helps you mentally to continue to focus on form while you work out. See the boot camp schedule to come work out with me. Or, learn about weight training zones.

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Weight Training System with Free Weights

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