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In one of the books that I finished this week the author asked this brilliant question: “Who’s in your Casting Crew?”

He dedicated an entire chapter to it.

The context was overall life-success, so he asked other questions like …

Are you passionate about your career or does it suck your energy?

Are you madly in love with your significant other or did the passion fizzle years ago?

Are your finances plagued with scarcity or can you afford the life you truly want to live?

Regardless of how you answer those questions, we all have a “Casting Crew” who influences our success.

Your Casting Crew are those people you spend the most time with. If life was a performance, your friends, family & co-workers are on stage with you and they are your Casting Crew. The ‘performance’ however, is life.

Here’s the deal – You’ll do similar things and therefore have a similar life as they do.

Ray Dalio said – “Show me your friends and I’ll know who you are.”

One of my Mentors, Jeff, said – “Life’s not a dress rehearsal.”

A current mentor, Chris Lee, told me “You only get 1 ticket to the show.”

The point is two-fold:

1- People attract other people who are similar to them. Therefore, our results will be similar to those around us.

2- Time is ticking. We either get it right now or we don’t. There’s no such thing as re-doing life, so if you want something to be different, NOW is the time to do it.

This idea of your Casting Crew really stood out to me, I just liked the visual of the Casting Crew on stage.

Who performs next to you in life?

Are they healthy & fit?

Or lazy, out of shape & overweight?

The quality of life that you have will be influenced by those on stage with you.

Take note of your Fitness Casting Crew.

Can you see any similarities between your results and theirs?

If your Casting Crew’s free-time revolves around cheap food / or alcohol, yours likely does too.

If your Casting Crew are out of shape, overweight and unhealthy, you probably are too.

Fortunately or unfortunately, family is part of your Casting Crew.

You learned your health frame-work from your parents. If health wasn’t a priority for them, you’ll have to work twice as hard to upgrade your health IQ.

I talked to a friend the other day who had some series health issues (she’s a mom in her 30s). She’s been frustrated for years … weak immune system … gets terrible sleep … highly sensitive to most foods … overweight.

She had an epiphany last week when she realized how similar her health is to her parents. You see, they were always sick. So sick was normal, and to no surprise, she has had similar problems.

You can’t exactly choose your parents but you can choose your Casting Crew as an adult. And if you are a parent, your example teaches your kids more than anything else does.

Fortunately, my friend is making a different choice. She’s focusing on her health and moving in a much different direction than she was taught.

Her kids, through osmosis, will also learn how to be healthy. She is on track to changing the health … of her lineage. How powerful is that!

So who’s in your Casting Crew?

Can you see any similarities?

I’m not saying you need to break up with your Casting Crew, that’s really for you to decide.

I’m saying that if you want different results, you need to build a Casting Crew (or join one) who cares about their health.

If you have a friend who has been inviting you to a workout, go with them!

Attract healthy people and emulate what they do and you will more likely be healthy yourself.

It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, that’s a crazy misconception about being healthy.

I just had lunch with a super healthy gentleman in his 50s. He plays tennis 3x / week with his buddies and eats healthy. After tennis, they have a couple of beers. You’d never know it because he looks great!

While he drinks a few beers throughout the week, his life isn’t centered around drinking beer.

See the difference?

It’s a balance.

Moreso, it’s a focus.

Even moreso, it’s consciousness.

Who have you allowed into your inner circle, your Casting Crew?

Are you conscious of how their habits are influencing or even reinforcing yours?

This isn’t earth-shattering science but it’s truth.

You don’t necessarily have to cut out the negative influencers in your life.

Find a way to spend a little more time with your healthy Casting Crew and watch how their habits inspire you to make better choices.

So, who’s your Casting Crew?

Thanks Friend enjoy your day, I hope that helps you out!


Shawn Marshall

Certified Personal Trainer

Choice Center Leadership University – Coaching Staff
Flow Motion Fitness

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