unnamedI just got back from my 2nd of 4 weekends in Las Vegas, in a 5 week span. I’ll be there 7 times over 3 months to help coach a personal development training.

Why am I sharing this? Because I’m always elevated when I surround myself with others who are committed to personal growth.

It’s eye-opening to step away from my daily routine and submerse myself in an environment that forces me to grow. I’m working shoulder to shoulder with a team of other coaches who are all committed to living on purpose and creating their dreams. They are all high achievers, and together we are coaching a team of people who are committed to creating their own dreams and see the value in leaning on coaches for that extra support.

Simply by giving 100% of myself, I also grow by default.

Imagine a room of people who are focused and clear that they want more out of life. We accomplish way more together than any one of us could alone.

The power of working with a team of people is priceless.

What’s this have to do with fitness?

You can also accomplish more with your fitness when you have a team and a Coach than you can alone. That is, if you’ve struggled to lose body fat or get fit on your own, I invite you to find a way to work with a team.

In less than 2 weeks I’m kicking off the first ever 6 Week #Lose15in42 Challenge where I’ll be coaching a team of motivated San Diegans to lose 15 lbs over 6 weeks.

This is a part of my 3 years in business celebration and I invite you to join my team. Be aware though, I have limited spots and am only looking for committed people who love being social and love being outside.

If stuffy gyms and being by yourself is your thing, this program is not for you.

I’ve put together the most powerful program I’ve ever created that I guarantee will help you have success. You can check out the details here or call me if you have questions –> Lose15in42.gr8.com.

If you know that having a coach and being with others who are committed to transforming their health will help you breakthrough and reach your next level, respond today and I’ll get you signed up!

Enjoy your day!

Celebrating 3 YEARS in business!
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